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Things to do in Bali for every day of the week


How to spend a perfect week in Bali with fun and different activities to do? This is my recommendation, where something different is suggested for every day of the week. These activities include exploring nature, seeing temples and rice fields and visiting underwater world.


What a perfect way to start a week in Bali, exploring culture. Balinese temple culture is unique and something it’s own kind. Be aware that temples require certain clothing. Some of the temples provide these for a small rental fee, and for some, you have to purchase your own. So, it would be a good idea to look it up before going if you need your own, because these are sold with high price near the temples but if you purchase it beforehand, it is more reasonably priced.

Some temples to chose to visit:

Goa Gajah-

This was my favorite. Setting was beautiful, surrounded by lush trees and you are greeted with calming sounds of water falling from the stone statues when entering. The temple is filled with interesting and different stone statues. The temple can be entered trough stone mouth of a devil, so this is not something that you see everywhere.  You must wear traditional temple clothes to enter, but they can be rented for a small cost from the scene itself. This temple is situated in Ubud, about 26 km from Denpasar. The cost is about 20.000 IDR, or 1.25 EUR, so definitely on the cheaper side!


I visited Uluwatu temple during sunset. The setting was beautiful and the benefit of this temple is that it is easily accessible from around Kuta area. The negatives where that it was extremely crowded and there were no traditional Balinese temple settings that compare to other places in my opinion. What makes Uluwatu unique is the location on the high rocks, where the waves hit the shore creating unique mystical environment and location is ideal for perfect sunset moment. Temple clothes were provided when entering for a small rental fee. The cost is about 30.000 IDR or  1.88 EUR.

Besakih Temple-

This temple is known to be the “mother temple” and it is huge It consists of 86 different temples. It is located higher up in the mountains and it has more mystical feeling. It is located farther away than other temples, close to the mountain. While it definitely is a looker, be aware that it is more expensive than others.

There should just be a small entrance fee, but it is hard to get away with only paying that because it is well known tourist trap. You are not let in without a “guardian” and at the end of the tourist round they will demand you to pay high amounts of money. If you refuse this “guardian” service, you will be pressed many times and not even let in to many parts of the temple, so it might be easier to just pay one if you really want to visit the temple.

I ended up paying 160 000 IDR or 10 EUR for this after a hard arguments with the “guardians” and I must note that this is a low amount to get away with as they tried to press about double of that. They won’t let you out easy. This is relatively still reasonable price, but to Indonesian prices, it is a lot. Also, this practice makes the experience distressing. I do understand that the locals have to make a living but this felt really dishonest and unethical.  For that reason, 25% per cent of TripAdvisor visitors rated this temple as very bad.


Infamous Besakih Temple



Start the second day with also a classical Balinese view, lush green rice fields. There are multiple ones of them so just rent a scooter for a day of book a tour or private driver and go explore. Cheapest option would be to go by yourself, but also Indonesian traffic can be intimidating. Second option is arranged tour that takes you to different locations. The problem with those is that you have to follow the group schedule so it is not as fun as it would be to explore by youself. Third option would be to have a private driver for a day and visit many different locations at once that are farther away from your location. Combine rice fields with some temples and waterfalls and have a private tour on your own!

Tip: if you like to avoid crowds, go really early or just before sunset to have more private experience.



Bali is full of beautiful beaches. Explore some of them, depending on where you are staying. Island’s south part is filled with classical, soft-sand palm-fringed beaches. Shores of Uluwatu are known for more rugged-feeling cliff side “hidden” beaches. What ever you prefer , you can find it. Also, what I would recommend is trying them both. Even if you are staying around Kuta, Uluwatu is not far away. So, do your own beach-hopping tour to explore different styles.

There are some amazing sunset spots around Bali, so be sure to experience that also! Gili islands are the home of these classical Bali holiday shots with swings and sunset n the background. Uluwatu temple is knows spot to see the sunset. In the beaches of Kuta, sunsets are also really beautiful.


Sunset view from main beach at Kuta



Explore the jungle, waterfalls and/or mountains, what ever is that you prefer. Bali has a wide array of them! I hiked up the Mount Batur for sunrise and did water rafting straight after that. Mount Batur trip with driver to drive you there costs around 400 000 IDR or 25 eur.



Tegenungal waterfall


Bali has some awesome snorkeling and diving opportunities. A lot of people do a snorkeling trip at Gili islands, but the coral was not too vibrant there and it was not my favorite spot. What on the other hand was my favorite, Nusa Lembongan island. The coral was best I have ever seen (I have dived for example at great barrier reef) and I spotted some huge manta rays! So, go explore this island and its waters for a day or stay there for a couple of days.

For example from Kuta, there are some day trips arranged there. Diving and snorkeling is inexpensive in Bali. Snorkeling trip costs around 150 000 IDR or 10 euros and diving trip with two dives, boat and full equipment cost around 800 000 IDR or 50 EUR.


Seeing Manta Rays was definitely on my bucket list


If you didn’t do this on Thursday, definitely try White water rafting. The rivers go trough the jungle, it is absolutely beautiful! There are some different options for rafting, some of them are more challenging and fast and some are more slow-paced. There are so many options for different types of people. This costs around 400 000 IDR or 25 EUR.


White water rafting


Have your last day to be relaxing one. What better way to do it than try a Yoga class. Bali is full of different ones to choose from. Get relaxed and try Yoga in the calming Balinese environment and return home with fully charged batteries. I payed 180 000 IDR or 11 euros for one Yoga class at well-known Yoga studio Yoga Barn.



Total cost of these activities

These are all activities that I did and I spent 2 292 000 IDR or 143 EUR. This includes two snorkeling trips, two dives, trip to Mount Batur, White water rafting, driver for a day, temples entrance fees, waterfall entrance fee, rice fields entrance fee and yoga class. Having a fun time at Bali definitely won’t break your bank!

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